About us

Laflare  (KNK FASHION, INC) was established in 2015 as a company dedicated to the production and wholesale of top quality eyelash extensions. 
From their humble start in Remy Human Hair eyelashes, they’ve successfully made their hair and cosmetic debut into the beauty industry.
We are Eyelash Stylists
Laflare employs artisans who professionally hand-make their products ensuring the care and skill of every item produced. 
From Velvet Remy Eyelashes to 3D Mink Lashes, we dedicate love and care for your eyes!
We are Cosmetics
Everyone knows Korean Beauty is the best, and we bring this beauty regime to all our customers.
Our K-Beauty cosmetics line is dedicated to all kinds of dewy face masks, and charcoal that will moisturize and purify your skin leaving you feeling and looking great.
Skin is the first step to beauty, and our products will help you take that first step with ease and confidence.
We are Hair Artisans
Laflare produces with only the finest quality of Remy Human Hair that has been thoroughly tested for quality and durability. 
Laflare also produces their synthetic products with only top quality synthetic fibers found on the market.
We are Innovators
Laflare is proud to be the first to create the ground-breaking “Closure on Cap” which is what the hair industry has been waiting for!
This product allows you to make your own wig or weave by eliminating the painstaking procedure of creating your own closure part.
We are constantly listening to the demands of the hair world and keeping up with the trends of beauty.
We vow to fill the market with products that are trendy, stylish and oh-so-affordable!
Our motto is “All Things Beauty!,” which means we are dedicated to helping each and every customer become beautiful. 
From lashes to wigs, to even skincare, we ensure that every one of our products will help you feel beautiful, look beautiful and BE beautiful.
Producing from delicate Velvet Remy Eyelashes, Bundles, Weaves, Closures, Braids, to Wigs and Lace Wigs, Laflare is constantly aiming to produce more trendy and affordable styles for beautiful women of all ages.